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FabTech 2023 Edition: Revolutionizing Vibration Isolation

FabTech 2023 Edition: Revolutionizing Vibration Isolation

Socitec is a globally renowned leader in cutting-edge technical solutions for shock and vibration problems. We are the trusted supplier of choice for customers worldwide. With a strong foothold in the military, defense, naval, transportation, and aerospace industries, Socitec continues to deliver excellence.

Wire Rope Isolation Systems: The Gold Standard

Our Wire Rope Isolation Systems have earned acclaim for outstanding performance in critical sectors, ensuring optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions. At Socitec, we are committed to providing solutions that matter and protect.

Vibro/Dynamics: Precision Vibration Isolation

Our Vibro/Dynamics elastomeric and coil spring isolators have become synonymous with unparalleled vibration isolation for machinery mounts. We customize solutions to meet specific requirements, whether in metalworking presses, forging machines, die-casting equipment, or seismic protection.

Our esteemed customer portfolio includes industry leaders like AIDA-America and Komatsu America. Witnessing our products in action during the recent FabTech exposition was genuinely gratifying, and it reaffirmed our strong relationships with our valued customers.

FabTech: Your Ultimate Destination for Metal Solutions:

FabTech is the premier event for metal forming, fabrication, welding, and finishing. If unwelcome vibrations have ever plagued your equipment, look no further. Socitec and Vibro/Dynamics are your one-stop solution for all shock and vibration problems. Complex challenges are our specialty, and our team of experts, backed by 50 years of expertise, is always ready to provide innovative solutions.

Contact Us Today:

Contact us today to explore the innovative solutions offered by Socitec and Vibro/Dynamics. We are grateful to our customers for their ongoing support and recognition, a testament to our unwavering relationships with them.