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Protection of a nuclear power station backup generator with a wire rope isolator system

Failure of a nuclear power plant can have extreme repercussions and must be avoided at all costs. Socitec provides an engineered solution that protects critical components that could cause or prevent failure. 


Wire Rope Isolators are exceptional for seismic protection due to their high damping and large displacement capabilities. Isolators are carefully selected by Socitec Engineers using extensive simulations and testing. Our design was qualified for earthquakes by using an electrohydraulic shaker unit at the Sopemea laboratory.  

Seismic Protection of the Power Grid

Wire Rope Isolators are used to protect critical power grid components around the world from seismic activity. High-voltage surge arrestors and circuit breakers are especially vulnerable due to their tall, slender structure and fragile (porcelain) insulation materials. 

The IEEE Std 693-2005 specifies all substation equipment are designed to withstand earthquakes specific to each region. Socitec Group proprietary SYMOS simulation software and wire rope isolators have been used to provide a cost-effective solution to protect substation equipment from earthquakes. 


Why use our products for seismic Protection: 

  • High inherent damping 
  • Rugged, all-metal design 
  • Long product lifetime with no maintenance