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Reduced train vibrations to ensure passenger comfort

Wire Rope Isolators are commonly used in rail applications to isolate compressors and other sensitive components. While increasing the lifespan of components, our isolators will also reduce transmitted vibrations to the cabin resulting in a better passenger experience. 

The Socitec Group carried out simulations and tests for rail applications with Wire Rope Isolators. We found that the full metal design provides exceptional fatigue life with excellent vibration and shock protection. 

Protection of equipment alongside rails

Trains regularly subject their surroundings with large amplitude shock/vibration. This will often cause unwanted failures in components such as sensors, radars, and lighting systems.  

 Installing Wire Rope Isolators ensures a longer lifespan for components, reducing maintenance and failure.  



Why use our products in rail applications: 

  • Rugged, all-metal construction 
  • Isolation in all axes 
  • Low natural frequency 
  • Unique mounting versatility