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Machine Tools

Install Machine Tools on Free-Standing Isolators                   Anchoring is not required!

Most machine tools (e.g. machine centers, grinders, mills, etc.) do not require anchoring to keep them in alignment. Micro/Level isolators are precisely adjustable to take compensate for the irregularities of the floor, allowing a machine to be brought into alignment instead of forced into it. Vibro/Dynamics Isolators are engineered for each machine; optimizing vibration control for a machine based on its specific operating characteristics. This T-type machine installed in an up-to-date training area on Vibro/Dynamics free-standing isolators was brought into perfect level and alignment as measured with a laser system, by simply turning the precision adjustment screws of the isolators. The free-standing isolators also eliminated the need for holes or anchors in the floors, and reduced the transmission of vibration into the facility.