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Aircraft engine handling

Protection of aeronautical equipment begins on the ground. Any shock occurring during handling can damage equipment systems. The Socitec Group produced an isolation system for the trolley used to transport the Idro MGSE aircraft engine. The integration of wire rope isolators ensured that this very fragile and costly equipment could be securely transported.

Ariane and Socitec Group

The Socitec Group was involved in packing Ariana 5’s cryogenic main stage into containers.

The objective was to produce comprehensive modeling, including the elasticity of the stage, container and suspension, while introducing dynamic inputs such as the traverse of obstacles (ledge) and road profiles.

We are currently closely involved in the Ariane 6 launcher, working on similar projects to design GSE shock and vibration decoupling.


Exomars is a two-part astrobiology project. The objective is the study of the atmosphere of the planet Mars by sending a satellite into orbit around Mars.

Socitec Group participated in the transport of the equipment of this satellite, providing the necessary damping to protect the material against shock.

ELT – Extremely Large Telescope

The extremely large telescope (ELT) is a project developed by ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere) since 2005. The objective of the telescope is to improve astrophysical research by enabling detailed studies of subjects including planets around other celestial objects such as stars and super-massive black holes. This telescope will be the largest optical telescope in the world, and is planned to start operations in 2025. It will be equipped with a large fragile mirror which will require significant protection during transportation.

The Socitec Group will ensure the transportation from Europe to Chile. To determine how to isolate and protect this equipment against shock and vibration during transportation, The Socitec Group performed some tests.