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Wire Rope Isolators Axycal Isolator

Axycal isolators are multidirectional wire rope isolators that provide protection against shock and vibration for lightweight and delicate equipment. 


  • All metal multidirectional wire role isolator 
  • Fixation: one fixture point to equipment and foundation 
  • Exceptional reliability and lifetime 
  • Static loading per isolator: 0.35 ozf to 4.4 lbf 
  • Damping ratio: 5-10% (viscous equivalent) 

Application Sectors

  • Electronics
  • Defense Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Oil Research
  • Railways
  • Medical


A large range of models are available, suitable for orientation in compression and shear/roll.

Contact Vibro/Dynamics for assistance in selecting products optimized for your application