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Use of Wire Rope Isolators for specialized scaffolding for historical building

A fragile, historic structure being renovated required a specialized support structure to accommodate a conventional 400-ton scaffolding system without anchoring to the building. The system needed to protect the building from being damaged by the scaffolding which would be subjected to wind forces. 

The solution consisted of 64 Wire Rope Isolators pressed against the face of the structure, connected by a steel cable extending around the entire circumference of the dome. This configuration ensured distribution of dynamic forces to the structure generated by wind loads.  

Electronic load sensors were installed within the mounting structure to verify that the transmitted forces did not exceed predicted loads (calculated using proprietary SYMOS software). 

Helipad isolation system protects hospital from vibrations

Vibrations from helicopter landings can risk damage to the structure of buildings and disturb the hospital staff and patients. 

To prevent the vibrations from being transmitted into the building, an isolation system was designed by Socitec. 

In this application, a suspended slab of 375 metric tons was set on a custom design coil spring isolation system. The spring isolator design was verified using advanced modal analysis to ensure compliance with the required specifications.