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Cabinets – Rack Mounts

Socitec can provide a customized cabinet based on customer requirements that can be quickly developed and validated by simulation to avoid long and costly lab testing. 

Using the dimensions and weight of the cabinet selected to protect your equipment, an isolated solution is defined, which accounts for the mechanical environment and specific component requirements. 

The cabinet and embedded equipment is then further validated by finite element methods based on a model fine-tuned per the required qualification test. 


  • Create a simulation model to calculate the isolated system response, accounting for equipment fragility and deflection limits per customer requirements.  
  • Evaluate multiple options for suspension, recommending optimal solution per requirements. 
  • The simulation performed is representative of real time testing.  
  • If the system goes to testing, post processing analysis can be done to prove the validity of the model for future use. 

MIL-S-901E 19" Cabinet

The Socitec Group has can provide customers a reinforced 19" (48cm) cabinet conforming with MIL-S-901E that offers protection to most underwater shock and vibration specifications.
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Weldments, Brackets, Fabrications, and More

Socitec has the capability to design any additional mechanical components needed to improve or adapt your shock and vibration solution with your embedded system. From custom 45° brackets, to mounting adapter plates, to specialized transportation systems, Socitec engineers can work with you to determine what fixturing or fabrications are needed to complete your system.
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